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Oct 14
Makeover Monday: How to Organize you Closet in your Luxury San Diego Aparment

5 Pain Free tips for Organizing Your Closet  photo OrganizedClosetinSolterraEcoluxuryApartments_zps7430c737.jpg

Just knowing that there is a mess of clutter hiding behind those closed closet doors in your San Diego luxury apartment can be stressful and distracting. Then when you open them to try and find something, chaos is unleashed, and the tranquility of your life is despoiled in a mess of useless junk.

Don’t despair! Using the five simple tips below, you can tame the tempest and bring order back into your closet, and your life and make your apartment in San Diego clutter free and luxury one again!

  1. The Six Month Rule

The six month rule states that if something has been sitting in your closet, and has not been used, worn, or referred to in the last six months, it is time to get rid of it. This applies to old clothes, accessories, and clutter of every kind. It is time to get serious and toss that stuff, or at least donate it to a reputable charity

  1. Organization and Strategy

Before you start organizing a closet, you have to have a vague sort of strategy in mind. You don’t have to know exactly where everything goes right from the start, but it helps to have a general idea that shoes go in one corner, hats go in specific bins, and ties are hung on that specific side of the space. This rough idea lets you develop the space further as you go along.

  1. Storage Bins and Hooks

The numbers of storage accessories you use will depend on your personality. Some people prefer to lump things together in bins or boxes, and then search around whenever they want to find something specific, while others will want thousands of containers, clearly labeled, so that they can put their hands on anything as soon as they want. Which ever way you prefer, make certain that you have as many bins as you will actually use, on hand at all times.

  1. Consistency

Consistency refers to putting things back in their proper place, each and every time. Will power is the only way to ensure this.

  1. Balance

In the end, achieving organization is a balance between your personality, your possessions, and the space you have available. You can’t spend all day every day putting each earring in its own bin, but if you throw all of them together in one box, you will never be able to find a matched pair. It is important to be aware of your own personality, and the constraints of the space, whenever setting out to organize your closet area.