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Oct 16
Best Donuts In San Diego! And One Is Close to Solterra!

Like donuts? We know we do. Stop eating donuts at the wrong places. We found this article that showcases the BEST donuts around San Diego. There's even a best donut shop right next to Solterra called "Donut Stop". It truly exemplifies Solterra being near the best restaurants in San Diego, at least for donuts. Enjoy!

Donut Stop

Mira Mesa (9330 Mira Mesa Blvd)

The Must-Get Donut: Blueberry This family-owned shop does cheap donuts and the best blueberry donut in town: a moist cake donut filled with blueberries and covered in glaze that adds a little crunch to the outside. Just make sure you bring some dough of your own (they're cash-only).


Rancho Bernardo

The Must-Get Donut: Coffee and Donuts AVANT may seem like a fancy-fare place, but they aren’t above the simplicity of a good donut. Put your feet up by the fireplace on their patio and order a plate of warm, fluffy cinnamon-sugar donuts with a cup of Bailey’s ice cream with espresso foam for dipping. Like you do.

Donut Bar


The Must-Get Donut: Maple Bacon Bars Donut Bar continues to crank out some of the most unique donuts in the city, like the Cro-bar and the donut-Monte Cristo hybrid, but they’ve also combined America's two most beloved breakfast foods: Cap'n Crunch and eggs Benedict. Wait, no. America's other two most beloved breakfast foods: bacon and donuts (there we go...).


Ocean Beach

The Must-Get Donut: Doughnut Muffin After the cronut craze, it's no longer acceptable for a donut just to be itself anymore, so Cuban-style patisserie Azucar is now serving a donut-muffin hybrid on the weekends. It has all of the fluffy, cakey goodness of a vanilla muffin, that's then dipped in melted butter ('natch) and rolled in a cinnamon-sugar blend.

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