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Jan 28
Need Your Dog To Get Walked While You Are Away-Solterra Ecoluxury Apartments in San Diego

Attention Residents: Being a pet friendly apartment community in San Diego means that you may need someone to walk your dog from time to time or maybe on a daily basis while you are at work! We are lucky to have someone that lives here that offers these services for you! There is a 20% discount for Solterra residents on Dog Walking Services! I am a resident and owner of Doc Winkles, a gentle and friendly Toy-mini Shar Pei. I offer walks of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on what your dog is used to. I do the walks and send a text and/or video of each walk. Overnight services are also available. Check out our prices at or reach us through Facebook, by mail at or by phone at (858) 242-8080.