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Feb 6
How Recycling Bias Can Effect What You Toss-Solterra Ecoluxury Apartments

Living in one of San Diego’s most ecofriendly apartments it is important to us that everyone is contributing their part! Solterra Ecoluxury Apartments takes pride in knowing that we care about our environment and want to help teach our residents how to make a difference. People have natural biases. Most of us don’t even realize that, and even fewer of us realize it when it comes to recycling. While we readily recycle some things, others simply get tossed in the trash because we perceive them to be less valuable, and thus less worthy of recycling.

For instance, you might recycle a whole sheet of paper, but simply toss something like a receipt or a half sheet of paper in the trash. Same thing with plastic. You probably recycle your plastic bottles with ease and without a second thought, but what about that little piece of plastic that was holding the bread closed?

In fact, these little fragments and smaller pieces of trash really add up. Each and every year, thousands of tons of otherwise recyclable material is being tossed in the garbage instead of being sorted into the recycling bin due to recycling bias. By simply realizing this and changing your perception about what is and isn’t recyclable, you can have a huge impact on this trend.

Just take a moment to stop and think before throwing something in the trash, is it recyclable??

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