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Feb 18
Does Your Pet Have a "Spot"-Solterra Ecoluxury Apartments

Have you ever noticed that your pet has a favorite “spot” somewhere around the apartment? My Boston Terrier, Tobey just LOVES to sit on the top of the couch right in the window so that sun beats down on him and he can watch people walking down the street. Neighbors even comment on how they see him in the window all day. Living in one of the best pet friendly apartments in San Diego at Solterra, you may have a pet living in your apartment that has a favorite spot too! So, what do you think? Does your pet have a spot? Did you create it for them, or did they choose? Is it a piece of furniture that you would rather they keep their little paws off? Or do you love to snuggle with them on the couch at night? We'd love to hear your stories about your pet’s favorite spot in your luxury apartment in San Diego! You can share them on our Facebook page!