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Mar 13
Cooking Class in San Diego: Chef Josh’s Amazing Recipe for March’s Cooking Class

Cooking Class San Diego

Cooking Class in San Diego: Chef Josh’s Amazing Recipe for March’s Cooking Class

As you know here at Solterra Apartments, we like to provide our residents and their guests the opportunity to enjoy our monthly cooking class in San Diego! Hosted by Chef Josh with Big City Chefs, it is a very popular class where you can not only learn to cook but also to enjoy time meeting other residents and eating some fantastic food prepared by Chef Josh! People are always looking for a fun cooking class in San Diego, and Solterra happens to have them! Check out the menu from last night’s cooking class:

Tokyo Ramen


3C all-purpose flour

2tsp baked soda (baking soda at 250° for an hour)

1c warm tap water

Dissolve the baked soda in the water. Place the flour in a processor, turn on and drizzle in the water. It should look like tiny crumbles. Remove and knead for 10 minutes and wrap in plastic and throw it in the fridge for an hour. Remove and let it come to room temperature before rolling into pasta.

Soft boiled eggs:

place eggs in boiling water covered by at least an inch for 6 minutes. Remove to an ice bath to cool, then peel.


2qt broth

2qt dashi

4 slices bacon

4 slices ginger

4 cloves garlic

4 green onions, roots removed

½c shoyu or low sodium soy sauce

¼ mirin or shao xing

Simmer the broth, dashi, bacon, ginger, garlic and onion for 20 minutes. Remove the aromatics and add the remaining ingredients. Taste for seasoning.


2lbs ground pork (not lean)

4T minced garlic

1T chili flake

2T soy sauce

Heat a large saute pan over high heat until hot. Add the pork and cook, breaking it up as you go. Cook until mostly crispy then, make a well and add the chiles. After a few seconds stir in the garlic and toss everything up. After the garlic cooks in for a minute or two, stor in the soy sauce and heat until it coats. Set aside in a colander to strain out the grease which will be added to the soup.


green onion

bean sprouts

bamboo shoots

Asian pear

Have you attended any other cooking classes in San Diego? Hopefully we will see you at next month's class! You can check out our other cooking class from previous months on our Facebook Page!