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May 17
Emergency Preparedness at Solterra

The recent wild fires around San Diego County have many residents at Solterra asking the office what steps they can take to stay ready for an emergency. For some quick tips check out the post below. This information was taken from the San Diego emergency information site.

Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide


Family Meetings: At least once a year, have a meeting with your family to discuss and update your disaster plan. Determine what additional training, equipment, and supplies are needed to meet your family’s needs. Don’t forget to practice! Occasional drills can improve reaction time and help to avoid panic in an actual emergency.

A. Know how and where to shut of utilities B. Draw a floor plan of home showing the location of exit doors, windows, utility shutoffs, first aid kits and emergency supplies C. Reunion Locations: establish two places where you and your family can meet following an emergency D. Out of state contact: name and telephone number of a person outside of the state for family members to call. E. What is your children’s school disaster policy? F. Assemble a home emergency supply kit

Training A. Learn how to protect yourself from falling objects, smoke, fire… B. Learn First Aid/CPR (FYI: HGF Fenton offers training on this which is open to all Employees)

Before a Disaster A. Register your cell phone B. Inspect your home. Identify potential hazards and evacuation routes. C. Secure water heater and tall and heavy furniture to wall studs D. Move heave items to lower shelves E. Install clips, latches and other locking devices on cabinets F. Provide strong support and flexible connections on gas appliances G. Remove or isolate and secure flammable materials H. Review and practice this plan