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Jul 2
Solterra Street Fair Is Coming! 7/10/2016

Solterra Street Fair Guidelines & Information Sunday July 10th 2016 10am – 1pm 9865 Erma Road San Diego Ca. 92131

Information: • Only approved Solterra and HGFenton residents can participant. • Set up time starts at 9am (please be set up by 9:45am) • 15 stalls available. • Stall Size is 8 feet x 10 feet. • Every participant will provide their own tables, chairs and equipment. • Please keep your area clean, during & after the event. • No electricity will be provided at participant stalls. • All participants are to provide their own tent or canopy. • No tents or canopies over 10’x10’ in size. • All pets are to be secured during the event.

Items allowed for display or sale: • Arts & crafts • Non-perishable food (following California & FDA packaging regulations) • Homemade graphics, furniture or artwork • Collectables • Antiques or vintage items • Non-profit organizations (Student Fundraisers, Girl scouts, Red Cross, etc.) • Personal or Commercial services (signup, scheduling and/or demonstrations only) • Presentation Safe entertainment, games, performances or technologies

Prohibited Items/Behavior: • Tobacco, alcohol or any controlled substances • Adult material • Firearms, ammunitions, flammable/hazardous materials
• Inappropriate behavior • No Smoking • Vulgar or Inappropriate language, displays, artwork or items • Extremely loud music • Used items (no garage sale, no yard sale or salvage items)

We would like to present an entertaining and festive atmosphere throughout the street fair. These guidelines are in place to provide everyone a fun & safe experience, thank you for your participation. If you have any questions regarding your items or participation please call us at 858-444-4500 9am-6pm.