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May 19
Solterra's Solar Panels Unaffected By SDGE Rate Increase In San Diego

Since Solterra is 100% solar powered, our residents will NOT be affected by SDGE's recent approval to raise customer bills by 12% this coming September!

"Electric utility bills will rise in September with approval of a four-year rate increase totaling more than $500 million for customers of San Diego Gas & Electric Co.

A typical household will see monthly gas and electric bills rise about 11 percent to $132.02, up from $118.52, according to the California Public Utilities Commission.

The company was granted a 7.6 percent revenue increase starting in 2012. The hike will be collected retroactively, so many bills will rise by more than that percentage to catch up.

By a 5-0 vote, the utilities commission authorized an initial annual revenue increase for the utility company of $123 million, for a new total of $1.73 billion, for 2012. Subsequent annual increases of nearly 3 percent will be tied to the urban Consumer Price Index.

SDG&E had asked for an additional $116 million increase in the first year, so the company did not get the full amount it was seeking.

The rate increase will vary for gas and electric portions of the bill.

On the electric side, a typical customer will experience an increase of $9.95 per month, or 12.2 percent, according to the utilities commission. The natural gas portion of a typical bill will rise $3.55, or 9.6 percent. The estimates are for customers consuming 500 kilowatt hours and 33 therms of gas a month. "

For more information, refer to the Union Tribune article here: